All Refurbished Phones

Refurb phones combined with contracts from the leading networks in the UK, are a great way to get connected and save money. 

There are three key parts of a refurbished phone that can affects its overall condition grade and value. 

The Screen
You look at and touch this part of the phone every day so even minor scratches or blemishes can make a big difference. Particularly noticable marks on the screen are likely to earn it a lower condition grade – Grade B or lower.

The Battery
Every time you use or charge a battery its performance and overall capacity changes. Phones that have been well used or treated badly by overcharging or being allowed to completely discharge too often won’t last a . A good refurbished or renewed phone is tested for battery life and if necessary the battery is replaced. Generally a used phone should have at least 80% capacity remaining.

The body
If you keep your phone in a case this is probably the least important aspect, but the body of a phone is easy to scratch or wear away in your pockets or handbag. 

Refurbished Mobile Contracts
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