How Refurb phones are good for the environment

When you buy a refurbished phone you are extending the life of an expensive electrical item. You are obviously saving money which is great, but what are the other benefits?

  • Less Waste

    The longer you keep a phone the longer you keep it out of the end-of-life waste processing.

  • Less Transport costs

    Most new mobile phones are manufactured abroad, which means they need to be transported from the factory, often in China, to the UK to be sold. Refurbished and pre-owned phones are often sourced closer to home, which means they need to travel thousands of miles less to reach you.

  • Responsible Battery DIsposal

    . When phones are refurbished the battery is assessed and replaced if needed. Phones that are disposed of or recycled don't always follow the same strict rules.

  • Less Harsh chemicals

    A lot of the elements in modern phones are valuable enough to extract for re-use, but this is often achieved with strong acids and chemicals that then need to be disposed of.

Refurbished Mobile Contracts
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