Refurb Mobile Phone Insurance

Finding insurance for refurbished mobile phones can be difficult and could even cost more than insuring a new phone!

We recommend Tin Hat because they don’t charge a premium for refurb phone insurance and cover starts from just £4.49 a month. You even get one month free if you pay annually. 

Why do some insurers charge more for refurb?

Mobile phone insurers have been known to charge more for pre-owned or refurbished phones than new ones. Some of them do it just because they can, while others feel that a pre used phone is more likely to break or get damaged. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you choose your phone from a reputable source (like the networks and trusted resellers on this site) and choose your insurance provider carefully you can enjoy a great phone safe in the knowledge that you are covered if anything ever goes wrong.

Refurbished Mobile Contracts
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