Refurbished Mobile Phone Contracts

Refurbished phones are...

  • Cost Effective

    Why spend more? Save money with a refurbished phone. If you are buying to a monthly budget or looking for a specific amount of data then going refurb will help you get a better mobile for your money. Or if you have a specific model or brand in mind you can probably get it for less every month.

  • Good For The Environment

    Modern smartphones contains a lot of rare metals and that cost a lot to mine and extract. While they can be recycled and a lot of the parts and components recovered, it is much better to just keep using them. Refurbished or re-used phones have essential or worn components replaced but any parts that are perfectly good are left alone.

  • Less wasteful

    The best type of recycling is to re-use a product as-is, without breaking it down. Recovering metals and plastics from any device takes a lot of energy, so while it saves extracting new resources it still comes at a cost.


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Popular questions

Will the refurbished phone fit my chosen contract?

All the refurb or used mobile phones listed on this site are matched to the contract. That means it will work just like a brand new phone - no need to worry about getting it unlocked. Just pop in the SIM card and you are good to go!

Do these phones come with a warranty?

Absolutely. Refurb phones purchased from the major networks come with the same duration warranty as if they were unused.

How much can I save?

Depending on the model you choose the savings can be considerable. Older phones tend to be better value, but you can get the latest iPhone 11 on a refurb deal. Take a look at the 1st generation iPhone X for a particularly good value phone.

What happened in my new phones past life?

Pre-owned phones on sale by networks have often only been used for the briefest of times - sometimes only for a few hours before they are returned in as-new customer. Regardless of how long the handset has been used, it is passed through a  rigorous testing, cleaning and remanufacturing process to make sure it is in tip-top condition for its new owner. Particular attention is paid to the battery to make sure it won't let you down halfway through your busy day.

Will my new refurb phone contain information from the last user?

It definitely shouldn't! All the networks take care to clean and restore their handsets to as close to new condition as possible and that includes the software and operating system.

There seem to be a lot of Samsung and Apple phones...

It's true, there are a lot of pre-loved Apple and Samsung phones on the market. As the most popular phone manufacturers in the UK there are more of their phones around and they are more likely to be refurbished. There are others available though - we have made a page here: Refurb Phones that aren't Apple or Samsung.

When you look at them next to each other there is very little to distinguish a cheap refurbished phone from a brand new model. You still receive a fully working mobile handset with a warranty and complete peace of mind. 

The big difference is the price tag – there are huge savings to be had with the deals on our site!

New phones arrive in official packaging box with all original  accessories. Depending who you buy it from a refurb deal might come in an unbranded box and the headphones and charger may be high quality replacements. 

The core experience is still the same though, and you are still covered by a warranty that protects against manufacturer faults.

Refurbished Mobile Contracts
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